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    Алена Шмелева – успешный визажист из Таллинна. В этой индустрии она работает с 2011 года, делая свадебные, вечерние, повседневные, возрастные и любые другие макияжи. Но ее главный конек – это макияжи для фотосъемок. Образы, сделанные Аленой и запечатленные на фото ее мужем Максимом, можно встретить на рекламной продукции по всему миру.

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  • MAKEUP YOURSELF 31.01.16
    MAKEUP YOURSELF 31.01.16

    Мастер-класс от визажиста Алены Шмелевой

    Этот мастер-класс предназначен для тех, кто ограничен по времени, но хочет делать отличный макияж для себя самостоятельно.

    В ходе занятия я поделюсь основными техниками дневного и вечернего макияжа, покажу, как добиться идеального тона и расскажу о коррекции лица. Кроме того, мы обязательно поговорим о выборе и правильном использовании косметических средств и кистей.

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    Puuvilla 19a, Tallinn

    Stuudio mõõdud:
    - Pindala kokku: 150 m².
    - Stuudioruumi pindala: 100 m².
    - Cyclorama pindala: 25 m².
    - Stuudioruumi pikkus: 12 m, laius: 8,5 m.
    - Lae kõrgus: 3,5 m.

    - On võimalus kasutada tekstuurseid seinu (metall, betoon, tekstuurne krohv), taustad tapeetidega ning vintaažne puitpõrand.
    - Tasuta parkimisala valvega.
    - Suured aknad.
    - On võimalus rentida stuudiovarustust.

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  • Курс по студийной съемке от Максима Шмелева
    Курс по студийной съемке от Максима Шмелева

    Курс по студийной съемке
    Первый урок: 7.02.2017
    Занятия проходят по вторникам
    и четвергам (8 занятий).
    INK Photostudio (Tallinn)

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  • Portfoolio 2012-2015
    Portfoolio 2012-2015

    Foto: Maksim Shmeljov
    MUAH: Aljona Shmeljova

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  • Olga K
    Olga K

    Uus tiiser meie uues stuudios. Stuudio broneerimine on avatud alates 1-st veebruarist. Lisainfo ja hinnad tulevad nädala jooksul. Broneerimine:

    Foto: Maksim Shmeljov
    Meik: Aljona Shmeljova
    Soeng: Irina Sokolova
    Modell: Olga Krõlova
    Kõrvarõngad: LINDE aksessuaarid

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  • One more photo from our new studio
    One more photo from our new studio

    More information about rent coming up next week.

    Photo: Maksim Shmeljov
    Make-up: Aljona Shmeljova
    Hair: Irina Sokolova
    Model: Elena Stadnichenko

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  • Suvi

    Foto: Maksim Shmeljov
    Meik: Aljona Shmeljova

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  • Teaser from our new photo studio
    Teaser from our new photo studio

    More information coming soon.

    Photo: Maksim Shmeljov
    Make-up: Aljona Shmeljova
    Hair: Irina Sokolova
    Model: Elena St

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  • Xenia

    Yet another photo session made without preliminary casting.

    Model: Xenia
    MUAH: Anna Baranova

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  • Losing a job opened up a new perspective, but I had to work really hard
    Losing a job opened up a new perspective, but I had to work really hard

    So, in the spring of 2009 I found myself feeling rich. I had a studio, lots of models and a considerable income on my hands. All in all, it gave me a really magical feeling, like anything was possible for me.

    But all things come to an end.

    At first, we didn’t get our salary for a couple of weeks at the newspaper, and then, one morning our director gathered the creative team and announced that our services will no longer be needed because the newspaper doesn’t exist anymore.

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  • Olga

    Olga is one of the most often appearing persons in my photo sessions. I have already shown one photo from this photo session, now it is time to show the others.

    Model: Olga K

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  • Outlines

    Backlight is a very powerful tool in the art of photography. It often happens that just a simple flash settled from the right angle can show much more than a whole pack of monoblocks.

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  • Tamron 70-200 2.8 & Maria Sauh
    Tamron 70-200 2.8 & Maria Sauh

    A few months ago I had an opportunity to test for a couple of days a good typical lens. I am talking about Tamron 70-200 2.8. As a coincidence, during these days our city was visited by Maria Sauh: a talented photographer and a beautiful lady at the same time.

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  • Material evolution
    Material evolution

    As I've already many times said, I don't think about digital images as a final product. Any digital photo which is in my computer is considered to be as a raw material, no matter how complex was it's post manipulation. Therefore I seldom return to the final material and either finish it or remake it.

    This particular image wasn't an exception. If someone is interested, the work was done in several steps.

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  • Chemical plant
    Chemical plant

    Sometimes I’m even happy that I need to write posts for my own blog, because this gives me a chance to find some of the most interesting, but long forgotten photos.

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  • How I found myself feeling quite rich
    How I found myself feeling quite rich

    I had the idea of moving my photography-related activities to a designated space for a long time, really. I think that’s understandable. I’m sure most of you would agree that having to shoot late at night, spend an hour on setting up your workspace and then half of this time on putting everything away sounds exciting only at first. Afterwards you would much rather spend this time on something more pleasant like having a cup of coffee or smoking a cigarette.

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  • Experiments

    Makeup: Aljona Shmeljova

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  • Experiments

    Picking up the lights for this photo session took a lot of time. Eventually settled on a single softbox, hanging from the ceiling. This is not the first time when I realize that just a randomly settled light source can be more effective than a bunch of them installed "with thinking".

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  • Exclusive

    Images from this photo session are not going to appear on the photo stocks. The only place where there will be something more from this particular set is my own website.

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