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30 Nov 2015About us


Working with fashion, commercial and stock photography.
Languages: english, russian, estonian.
Location: Tallinn / Estonia

Additional information and portfolio:
Casting information: info[at]
GSM: +372 555 90 469
E-mail: maksim[at]

I am keen on photography since 2004. That time I had only two simple cameras: digital Sony Cybershoot and photographic film Zenit. I was taking photographs of regular things as beginners do: nature, buildings, people on streets, in a word – nothing specific just everything.

I believe that I started to become a photographer in a year 2006 rather than 2004. It was then that I acquired my new camera – Sony Alpha. The most paradoxical in this story: I was making a purchase to do reportage filming without any commercial intensions. I couldn’t imagine where this might lead. At that time I was working as journalist in Tallinn newspaper “Vesti Dnja”. I liked the opportunity provided by the management to publish not only articles though the pictures as well.

Despite some success in reportage genre I wanted to go on. By the end of the year 2006 I started to try myself in production shooting. In the beginning I was making pictures of regular still life on different topics. Simultaneously I passed exams in photo agencies and exhibited my first works for sale. Surprisingly many of them were easily sold and are still for sale with success.

I believe that then was my start. I was possessed by photography with constant interest towards the theory and implementation of something new into practice. Soon my experiments expanded above the frames of still nature I was planning to try studio photo shooing of people. In the year 2007 as the fates decree I met talented visagiste Lidia Malinovskaja. The creative tandem with this person changed my live and became a powerful incentive to development.

It was then that I gave myself a word to establish my own photo studio, although four years ago I simply didn’t have an opportunity to do so. The decision came from nowhere - I started to take photos for newspaper editors. For this opportunity I would like to thank the main editor of the newspaper “Vesti” Aleksandr Chepygin.

In 2008 I finally moved to my separate photo studio on Suur Sojamae street. The following few years can be considered the best in my life. I met a number of interesting creative people: models, hairdressers, masters of style, modelers and visagistes.

This is the place where I still work. For two and a half years a lot of things changed: technical base significantly grew and the studio area expanded twice. Nowadays this is an absolutely different studio with an absolutely different me.

I am not taking pictures of everything any longer, picking only the things that I am interested in. As for processing of the material, I prefer this to be dealt by my assistants. I have my favorite model that I’d prefer to a hundred photo shootings of a Hollywood star. My portfolio contains almost ten thousand works that are successfully sold all around the world. One thing I know for sure – this is not the end. The game has just started…

Maksim Shmeljov